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A Cochlear Implant is a surgically implanted electronic device that gives back the sense of hearing to people who do not receive enough benefit from hearing aids to manage in their every day life.

A Cochlear Implant consists of an implanted portion, which is inserted, and an external portion, which picks up, analyses, and transmits sounds to the implanted portion.

Hearing with Cochlear Implants has improved dramatically, however mapping appointments and practice in hearing are required to improve tolerance and outcomes.

The implant is inserted by an ENT surgeon and programmed regularly by an audiologist.

Health fund and other rebates may apply to the surgery and device itself.

Precision Hearing Audiologists are experienced in Cochlear Implant programming and work with all manufacturers.

If you are in the Sydney area and would like to find out if Cochlear Implant is suitable for you or someone you know please visit our contact page (for leaving contact details and information so we may contact you/them directly).