A Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid converts sound into vibrations which are directly transmitted to the inner ear. A titanium “post” is surgically set into the mastoid bone (the bone just behind the ear) with a small abutment exposed. A sound processor attaches to this abutment and transmits sound through the skull bone to the inner ear, thereby allowing those who would otherwise not be helped by a conventional hearing aid, to hear again. The tiny post and abutment are put in place by an ear nose and throat (ENT) surgeon and the processor is programmed and fit by an audiologist. Health fund and other rebates may apply. The audiologists at Precision Hearing are qualified in assessing if you are a BAHA candidate as well as programming and fitting the sound processor.


Suitable candidacy includes:

  • When the hearing loss is conductive in nature
  • Single sided deafness
  • People with ear malformations, i.e. when there is no ear canal or middle ear
  • Chronic external or middle ear infections where a conventional hearing aid could not be used.